Marc Taylor Inc. believes there is no substitute for having an owner’s representative working independently on its behalf, particularly when it comes to cost estimating, design management, procurement, and construction management. Marc Taylor personally manages all owner accounts. He has an extensive background managing complex, technical and fast-track construction programs. Marc Taylor Inc. offers a hybrid version of the owner’s representative process. We supply total cost control as it relates to estimating, reconciliation, bid packaging, design management, cost negotiation support, change order analysis, overall cost control and audits throughout the entire construction program.

Master Planning
Detailed Estimating/Reconciliation
Bid/Construction Reviews
Bid Packaging
Claims Avoidance and Analysis
Design Build
CM At Risk (CMAR)
Design Bid Build
JOC/Saber Contract Management
CM Agency
Construction Management
Design Management on At-Risk Projects
Change Order Analysis

If you’re an owner seeking experienced personnel to support or oversee your construction programs, contact Marc Taylor for a free consultation.