Marc Taylor Inc. provides expert witness and an independent analysis of projects for attorneys, owners, contractors, and subcontractors. 

The compartmentalization, perception, and communication of risk define the management approach construction professionals use on many construction projects today. In the complex world of alternative delivery models, the need to accelerate technical projects can be disastrous to all parties involved.
In nearly every case, the project was defined by making timely decisions that were influenced by the architect, contractor, and owner. The design, procurement, schedule, and contract are the four major items and, if not done in parallel, can make or break a project and lead to litigation.
  • Where is the inconsistent/illogical labor?
  • Were the resources adequately available?
  • Were there unavoidable issues?
  • Did the owner, contractor and/or subcontractor meet the requirements of the contract?
  • Were there mitigating circumstances on the issues at hand?
  • Was there malevolent action taken by any side?
  • What were the contributing factors to the issue at hand?
  • Were there un-contracted burdens to the project?